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Lovely Garden With Flowers
By DanaK in Gardening on March 14, 2015 - 6 Comments

It's amazing place with lush green grasses and beautiful flowers. Anyone who value peace & quiet or simply look for a place to escape from daily routine will be delighted with pictureous surrounding and tranquility of this simple yet magical neighborhood.

The neighborhood is a set of small cosy american-like houses with a large 45m x 45m gardens and a swimming pool just a few steps from a backdoor. Houses are clean & neat with entrance to electrical system that never fails. Each property is separated with a tall shrubbery, and there is also a cellar to keep a gardening tools and such.

Near the neighborhood ,about three miles, there is a shopping mall that will suite your needs and a set of other small shops to your heart's content. The whole neighborhood is surrounded by a forest which is inhabited by a small critters. No need to worry, these are just birds, squirrels and frogs that prefer their woods rather than a household. If there were any problems concerning our real estate than our house keeper living near the border of the forest will be more than glad to help you with your problems.

Prices are fairly low, so everyone can afford it. so what are you waiting for? Get in line and receive the best that US has to offer

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18 номеров
Площадь номера 12 кв.м.
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две кровати, спутниковым телевидением, кондиционером, холодильником, душем.

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Из них 19 номеров однокомнатных (жилая площадь двухместного номера 20 кв. м. + третье дополнительное место);
10 номеров двухкомнатных, 10 одноместных номеров площадью 12 кв.м.

Номер оборудован:
Большой кроватью или двумя кроватями, спутниковым телевидением, кондиционером, холодильником, душем.

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Цена: от 4 410 руб./сутки


8 номеров:
Из них 3 номера - двухкомнатных, 5 однокомнатных.
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Большой кроватью спутниковым телевидением, кондиционером, холодильником, ванной.

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